St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School Mission Statement


Inspired by the life of St. Vincent de Paul we provide a Catholic education that promotes academic excellence, Gospel values and a life of Christian charity.

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March 23 - March 27


Principal's News


item5Dear Parents and Guardians,

Blessings of God's love and grace to all of you! I hope your sunmer is including time for God, for family and for renewal.

Even though school officially ended on May 25th, SVdP has been a busy place! The final session of summer camp just finished, and summer school-all 5 sections of it-has one more week to go. Meanwhile, plans are in full swing for next year: ordering books and supplies, cleaning out classrooms, and preparing new records for incoming students...

If you have been to SVdP lately you may have seen modular buildings parked on the north field. With the blessing of God, the work towards continual school improvement, and the participation of our wonderful families, enrollment for next year is slightly above 500! God is generous and good! In response to this growth, SVdP will have two classes of every grade for the 2012-2013 school year. Constnrction will begrn to install oou modular units to accommodate 4 more classrooms.

With all our hearts we are stiving to do everything under God's guidance. He is generously blessing us, with good resources (the modular themselves, along wittr furniture and technology, come to us through the generosity of St. Francis Xavier elementary school), generous supporters who are financially supporting the project, and good friendly workers are making God's dream possible.

Along with the physical improvements we are acting on other improvements to the school. Something I'd like to work on is to better assist families whose children are in need of receiving their sacraments. With a view to promote academic excellence, we will be upgrading our computers, as well as better integrating technology into the whole curriculum. This year we will be especially focusing on increasing our students' learning in Math. Our teachers have undergone training in new diocesan Math requirements, and the most successful Math instruction methods. We will be adopting a Math support program which will offer both extra practice and extra challenge to students at their own level. We are working to implement a program through collaboration with Bourgade Catholic High School which will make high school algebra available to those students who are ready for it. Along with these improvements we will continue support in reading and other academic areas. As our staff increases, bringing new gifts and talents to our school community, we will be adding some new extracurricular opportunities as well. It is a very exciting time at SVdP!

This year also brings some changes in our staff. Ms Janis Ottaway has retired from teaching; Ms Bry Lauck, who has substituted for us several times, will be teaching kindergarten in her place. Mrs. Ingle has moved, and Ms Patricia Bolding will now be teaching one of our first grades. Mrs. Knox has accepted a teaching position much closer to her home, and we are adding a second 4th grade. Our teachers in these classes will be Ms Tyra Sosniki and Ms. Catherine Grindel. Our added 5th grade class will be taught by Mr. Shay Kleinpeter (a new ACE teacher).

Miss Troy completed her time as an ACE teacher, it is moving onto teaching in Chile in the coming year. Teaching science to grades 6-8 will be Ms. Katie Schober (another ACE teacher). Also Mr. Mike Evans will be teaching in our Junior high. We offer a very fond farewell to our teachers were moving on to other endeavors, we pray God's blessing and Grace to them. And a hearty, holy welcome to our new teachers!

I am pleased to introduce to you our new pastor, Fr. Jose J. Lopez. He is happy and excited to be joining our parish and school!

Yes, God is doing mighty and wonderful things for SVdP Catholic School! To continue to make his dreams and plans for us a reality, we will need and count on your support and help. Be on the lookout for some volunteer opportunities even before school begins! Check our website for details.

Please, please keep our school in your prayers – our students and staff, our buildings, our families, and me. Pray that we continue to follow God's guidance and blessings. Be assured of my prayers for you every day.

In the name of God, and united in his love, may we always be faithful to His will!


Sr. Julie, D.C.


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